About Us

Everyone is put on this earth with a purpose. We are told that our life’s journey is to tune into that purpose through what brings you joy and happiness. Helping my clients show their inner Queen is an honor I am blessed to provide. Embarking on this journey will hopefully bring more joy, happiness and love into the lives of all who visit The Gilded Bride. My passion for art and design, wedding fashion and entrepreneurship will feed into a bigger purpose that I believe will serve empowerment for woman and girls everywhere. The Gilded Bride is more than just another e-commerce bridal accessories site. With every gilded accessory purchased, two things will happen. The first being the freedom to show the world your inner Queen. To fully express how you see yourself, in all your glorious sparkle. The second is equally important. A portion of every purchase will go to various charitable causes that help both women and children depending on the item. Each item has the charity mentioned in the description. Why do this? Because giving back brings more joy into my life and remind me of all the blessings I already have. Thank you for visiting The Gilded Bride and check back often as new items are added.